5 domain registrars blocked in India for the last few days

Indicating increasing censorship in India, 5 domain registrars Namecheap, Dynadot, Tucows, Sarek (Finland) Gransy (Czech Republic) are banned in India, allegedly for refusing to obey court orders

They are allegedly having domains streaming IPL matches illegally
This incident has got widespread coverage online and is very inconvenient for the domain investors who have domains with these registrars. One of the largest internet companies may be behind the ban on the domain registrars to destroy competition.
Godaddy is not affected, and some are commenting that it is not affected because it has an indian ceo and is allegedly pay huge bribes
This also could be related to the massive domain ownership government job fraud in india, some domain registrars in india were ruthless in destroying the life, reputation of their customers ,and falsely claiming that well connected high status people who did not invest money in domains, owned the domains of other, to get the high status frauds government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor.
Tired of being cheated, exploited by the indian internet companies, some indian domain investors moved to Namecheap and Dynadot, so now the indian internet companies are finding that their stooges who they got government jobs in the internet sector are not connected in any way and the real domain investor is complaining about the financial fraud
So it appears that some powerful person wanted to make all the domains expire, so that the domain ownership, government job fraud would end and got the domain registrars blocked .