NTRO, R&AW/cbi, indian and goan government do not realize that the domain, financial fraud on google competitor makes them look foolish

Though ntro, raw, cbi, google,tata have viciously defamed without any proof, the google competitor, engineer and domain investor since 2010, stolen her identity, they fail to realize that a large number of domain investors, domain registrars worldwide are aware of the fact that she alone is the person registering domain names, developing websites, paying for them and controlling them, no one is helping her in any way

Initially the mhow cheater ntro employee puneet shamelessly misused her name, so that she was denied credit, now the truth about domains is out. When she complains about the domain , financial fraud of the indian and goan government , most domain registrars , investors are likely to believe her because it is obvious that the 10 google , tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees are not paying for and controlling the websites where the news of their fraud is being posted

At the most, the goan government can make it difficult for the domain investor locally, however it damaging its reputation in India and elsewhere with its brazen financial fraud on a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor . Online despite google, tata’s best efforts in defaming the google competitor since 2010, most domain registrars, webhosting companies realize that the 10 google , tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees impersonating the google competitor are not paying and will also never pay for domain names, webhosting anytime in their life.