Brahmin cheater ntro employee puneet and his fake stories

The domain investor, engineer and google competitor alone invested money in domain names since 2003, spent her time managing the domain names, yet in a very great fraud, the cunning brahmin cheater ntro employee puneet has been viciously defaming her, falsely associating her various relatives with her, to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved.

Now the brahmin cheater puneet to cover up his fraud, wants the engineer whose identity and savings he has stolen, to form a company with all her relatives who have exploited her , so that his fraud is not exposed. When none of the other relatives have invested any time and money , why will the domain investor give up her domains for free? The domain investor is tired of the fraud in the indian internet sector, and if she is forced to form a company, she wants the market price and she will exit

No one has fought for the engineer for the 8 years she has suffered due to the atrocities of puneet and other cheater ntro employees, helped her get a fair deal, so she will not help or collaborate with anyone.

When the brahmin cheater ntro employee puneet has sexually harassed and destroyed the life of the engineer, circulating her videos and photos, duping people with his lies, considers her extremely low status, why will the engineer care for him, If the government employees want someone else to own the domains, pay the market price and purchase the domains legally.