Goan government and other agencies harassing domain investors, private citizens

Domain investors are private citizens who are investing their hard earned money in domain names, they are not getting any kind of subsidy or any help from the government , they are spending a lot of their time and money to pay for the renewals .

In fact goan government employees like gsb fraud caro, nayak, mandrekar,bhandari pritesh chodan are some of the most shameless section 420 frauds in the world falsely claiming that their lazy greedy sex worker, cheater relatives riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, who do not spend any money online on domain names, own the domain names of a private citizen, single woman bhandari engineer.

Most of the domains are not making more than $3 a month, and a large number of these domains do not have any revenues monthly, so the cost of renewal of the domains is more than the revenues of the domain names. Many domains which are making a little amount of money , will stop making money after some time, as the ads are being cancelled. In fact the domain investor is making more money writing content in 2018 when she is not travelling, than from any ad network indicating that domains are not a lucrative investment, and many expenses have to be paid.

Yet bribed by google, tata, the extremely corrupt greedy goan government employees are abusing their powers thinking that they are doing citizens a great favor, allowing them to register and own domain names, when it is only a major expense as renewal fees have to paid, causing great losses.