NTRO employee promoting PROSTITUTES, frauds as domain investors in a greater fraud than the PNB banking fraud

The indian media is covering the news of the PNB banking fraud extensively, however it does not have the courage and honesty to cover the news of the the NTRO employees bribed by google, tata who are shamelessly and falsely promoting PROSTITUTES offering them sex services,cheater housewives, frauds offering bribes, as domain investors when these sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds have never really invested any money in domain names in their life

The NTRO employees are falsely claiming that owning domain names is a great privilege , which will make a person very rich, when in reality it is very difficult to make any money online from advertising in 2018, due to the decline in advertising rates .
So these fraud ntro employees think that they have the right to falsely claim that any bribe giver, sex workers, who do not spend any money owns the domain names of a private citizen.which is a great financial and banking fraud as domain registrars and registeries are charging an annual fee for the domain names.

However these fraud ntro employees are not willing to provide any legally valid proof, of how owning a domain will automatically make a person rich, so the banking fraud of ntro employees is not justified and these fraud ntro employees are also not willing to defend their financial fraud in an open debate