I Met a Great Girl the Other Night

I got set up on this blind double date the other day and it worked out pretty well. I was expecting the worst, but in fact I do not really like the other guy a lot so I made him give me thirty dollars to do it. He needed me, because the girl he wanted to take out was not doing it otherwise. His family is really rich too and so the money was nothing to him. The two girls both worked at this aesthetic and laser clinic in Singapore. The other guy was really mad when we found out that the other girl, the one I was going out with, was really a good deal cuter than the one he was hung up on. They were both good looking, but this girl had a really athletic body. She told me that she was some sort of health nut, or at least that was how I interpreted it. She was not interested in drinking and fortunately for me I happen to be a pretty good dancer, that was all that she wanted to do.

At any rate I was pretty much exhausted when I got home, but that other guy and her girlfriend were both mad at us. The other girl got really jealous, because she could see that her date was into her friend. I did not really care, but at any rate I have been sort of going out with her since then. It is more like I am working out with her. That really seems to be all that she does, she takes yoga and pilates and she goes running in the park. I do not know enough about yoga to not be laughed at by all of the other students, but she is helping me to learn a little.