Atrocities, domain frauds and lies of NTRO, R&AW, CBI closely monitored worldwide

Though the cowardly indian mainstream media with few exceptions refuses to cover the never ending frauds in the indian internet sector, it appears that domain investors worldwide are closely monitoring the endless atrocities, frauds and lies of NTRO, R&AW and CBI regarding domain names. The case of Anjan Bhushan appears to have become famous worldwide as most other countries do not consider registering expired domains to be a crime like india.
Other domain investors worldwide are also monitoring the domain investor owning this website closely, and have told her that they are reading whatever she is saying, as they want honest news, no lies of corrupt government employees to take the right decision.
However NTRO, R&AW and CBI continue to shamelessly lie and dupe a large number of people with their endless frauds, which everyone is aware of as the google, tata sponsored frauds are not doing any work online,not investing any money online and least interested in doing so.