Some indian domain registrars are too focused on destroying their customers life, to offer better features

It is not know which top government employee in India is responsible for the extremely negative attitute of indian intelligence, security and other government employees towards indian domain investors, that so much indian tax payer money is wasted for years to destroy the life of harmless indian citizens just because they invest money in domain names.
The indian domain registrars refuse to adopt the better features of the american domain registrars like having a marketplace where the domains can be sold for some money, to cover the cost of registration and renewal.
For example namecheap was offering .info domains at $0.88 and if the domain is sold for $5, namecheap is taking $0.5 as commission, it is still making enough money as profit without much additional effort . The domain investor is also making some money , as indian intelligence and security agencies have made it impossible to sell the domains on forums and elsewhere, as google, tata have bribed them with R&AW/CBI jobs for their relatives like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar , friends , money and sex.
The indian government, NTRO, CBI employees are getting a very good salary, pension , yet they are so ruthless, greedy and devoid of humanity that they refuse to stop harassing and hounding harmless indian domain investors to destroy their life and finances