Different ways of acquiring domain names

NSA, the US technical intelligence agency, NTRO have completely different ways of acquiring domain names, reflecting the culture and corruption levels in their country, which domain investors registering domains with indian and american registrars can experience

NSA will pay a reasonable amount and purchase the domain names through their associates, while ntro will waste indian tax payer money to cause losses, destroy the life of the domain investor so that he or she does not have money to renew the domain names as the ntro employees are bribed by the corporates who wish to acquire the domain names cheaply.

In both cases, the company wishing to acquire the domain name, has to pay some money, in case of NSA some of the money goes to the domain investor to cover the expenses involved, in case of NTRO, only the ntro employees are making money, the domain investor is not getting anything and is targetted for harassment.

NSA method is far better as the domain investor can exit easily at a fair price, instead of waste, tax payer resources for destroying the life of a harmlesss citizen or damaging the reputation of the country, as the harmless domain investor complains about the atrocities trying to get justice. .