Affordable Apartments Within Driving Distance of D.C

Finding an apartment for rent in Manassas VA just made sense after my most recent landlord hit me with yet another rent increase. That’s what happens when you live within the Washington, D.C. bubble. The most expensive real estate in the country is in this area and it has an effect on everyone who owns or rents in the area. I sometimes wonder how poor people survive in this area because someone is always trying to buy up property in order to turn a quick profit on real estate. It’s a challenge to find affordable living within striking distance of the city.

I’ve moved around in Northern Virginia and Maryland trying to stay one step ahead of the constant increase in the cost of housing. Recently I got a promotion in the government agency I work for and decided to move a bit further out to see if I could find something very nice but at a bit less than what I’m paying now. A friend suggested I look at Manassas. Anyone who knows American history recognizes that name. Two very famous battles in the Civil War took place there and you can actually go there and tour the battlefield today.

It’s also a much smaller town than I’m used to in this area. I liked that and I also liked the apartment complex I ended up looking at when I drove down for a tour of the area. The units are what I would describe as luxury apartments and the area is quiet and quite safe (a nice feature in this area!). I liked what I saw and the commute into the city won’t be that terrible. It’s definitely going to be worth what I’ll save in rent living closer to the city. I’m looking forward to moving in soon!