Domain investors worldwide claim that the indian government is frightened of a google competitor, india’s largest female domain investor

While being harassed by the government without a legally valid reason can be stressful initially, after some time, the person being harassed should realize that the government is harassing him or her only because some top officials are extremely frightened of her, as she can expose their great fraud.

Though the google competitor and india’s largest female domain investor is being defamed viciously in india as an idle and uneducated person by the ntro, cbi, raw, google, tata employees who masterminded the SEX, identity theft racket, when the domain investor complains about the atrocities, domain investors worldwide tell the domain investor that the indian government is extremely frightened of her, she is very smart and would be very successful and wealthy in any developed country when corruption levels are lower .

It is very flattering for a private citizen, with no powers, that the government of a large country like India is so frightened of her that crores of rupees of indian tax payer are wasted annually since 2010, to put her under surveillance, defame her without any proof at all, deny her the income and opportunities she deserved. There are very few indian citizens, especially women who the indian government is so frightened of

So the domain investor has realized that the indian officials defaming her, are not worth caring for, as they shameless liars, frauds and cheaters, they are barking dogs owned by google, tata who will do anything for money and sex. Instead of letting the defamation make her angry or upset, the domain investor has realized that she is a person who the most powerful indian government employees fear.