When a domain investor is trying to get good returns, corrupt NTRO employees label it as an indication of insanity

Like any other investor, a domain investor will try to get the best possible returns on her investment. The domain investor could install wordpress blogs on all domains she is owning, however she is only installing on a few domains where she is likely to get advertising , other domains remain static websites.
After some time, the domains are deindexed and the domains are sold or expire, wordpress blogs are uninstalled, webhosting cancelled, so there is not much effective increase in the number of wordpress blogs owned by the domain investor .
Yet the shameless corrupt dishonest NTRO employees, freelancing for google, tata are falsely labelling, defaming the domain investor as mentally unsound everytime the domain investor is installing a wordpress blog in a clear case of abuse of power, to defame a google competitor
The NTRO employees are going to the office daily to make money, no one questions their sanity though they are shameless world famous liars, frauds, when a private citizen is installing a blog to make some money, they are falsely labelling the domain investor as being mentally unsound, addicted which is both medically and factually incorrect
A domain investor pays $1-$13 a year for each domain, and if her revenues from the domain are zero, she is free to try other options to make money from these domain names to cover her expenses like other investors worldwide, as she does not get a monthly salary like the irrational unprofessional cowardly fraud ntro , indian government employees who often speak complete rubbish and do not have the honesty or courage to defend their fake allegations in an open debate, like cowards use voice to skull technology for torture .