I Took a Trip and Found a Place That I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About

Out of all the different Oceanside CA apartments there are to rent, I think that the complex I’m renting from is one of the best. Oh yes, it has great amenities, but the view is magnificent. Add always dreamed of having a home right on the beach, but everyone knows that those houses cost millions to purchase. I don’t think I’ll be a millionaire anytime soon, so I’m not even going to spend further time thinking about having one of those homes after the great place that I found for myself instead.

I actually found Oceanside when I was on a road trip. I’m from a nearby state, and I just wanted to get in the car and drive through California one weekend. I knew that I couldn’t get to every city, and that wasn’t even my plan. I just wanted to pick some random places on a map, connect each place by how easy they were to get to on my route and see what panned out. I don’t even look up the cities before I went on the trip. The plan was to pick the random cities on a traditional, paper map. Send upon arrival in each city, I used my tablet to look up things to do in that particular city.

I arrived on a Saturday morning, and I loved the city instantly. It was inviting and extremely calming to be there. I actually found myself not wanting to move on to the next city because I really like where I was. I spent about 8 hours there, and then I force myself move on with my trip so that I could get to each planned location. Once I got home again, I found myself not being able to stop thinking about being there. That was what I made up my mind to move there permanently.