Domain sold for $1 on forums using Paypal , $20 in online marketplaces due to cbi, ntro extortion racket

In a clear indication of the major extortion racket operated by indian security agencies, ntro, cbi on harmless indian paypal account holders , a harmless domain investor and google competitor is able to get only $1 for domain when payment is received through paypal , selling on forums .
On the other hand, domains which are of similar quality are being sold for $20 in marketplaces where the amount is not transferred to indian bank accounts and is not monitored by the extremely corrupt indian security agencies, cbi, ntro indicating that corrupt indian government employees are extorting 95% of the income of harmless indian paypal account holders after making fake allegations of black money, money laundering and security threat causing great financial losses.
The amount received from domain sales in marketplaces can only be used for domain renewals which are a very major expense for domain investors, who get very less money for their daily expenses.
The indian government employees are already getting a very good salary, pension and other powers, yet there is no limit to their corruption, greed, as they extort 95% of the money made by harmless indian paypal account holders falsely claiming national security.