Monthly Archives: May 2023

I Have Been out Doing Sales Calls

For the most part all of this has been pretty boring, just part of the job and you get through and hope you get home. However I quickly realized that one of my best clients is in the middle of a crisis of sorts. You would not know it at first. He picked me up at the airport in an enormous old Cadillac convertible. I think it was a 1978 El Dorado ( or is it Eldorado). There were two beautiful women with him, half his age and employed by a las vegas gfe agency it turned out. They seemed to have arrived separately and one was apparently taking over for the other, at least eventually. They were both still there when I left two days later. He did not seem to care very much about doing business, although when I wrote up a contract he signed it without hardly looking at it.

I was three stops away when I figured out what was really going on. Apparently he had gone to the doctor and they had given him some really bad news. The stuff he was doing shall be really hard to enjoy in a few weeks after they start giving him treatment for the cancer. So he decided that he was going to enjoy the finer things in life while he was able to do it. I called him up and he laughed about it all. We all have to cash in at some point he told me and then he told me that he had won half a million dollars gambling in Las Vegas, apparently playing no limit poker like a man who had no concerns about winning or losing. He told me that you should ask a man if he was going to die before you gambled against him.