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Like TikTok, the domains and also banned in India

No clarity regarding banning of websites in India
The ban on 59 chinese apps exposed the fact that there is no clarity and transparency regarding banning of websites in India, the person who takes the decision conveniently remains hidden and is not accountable.
While Tiktok had 120 million or more users in India and was making half a million dollars daily, there are many websites with almost no visitors, which are still banned by the indian government, and there is no way to appeal against the ban since there is no accountability.
The real domain investor has the privilege of having her domains, and banned in india for unknown reasons for at least 3 years.

These domains have almost no visitors, so the reason for the ban remains a mystery, why some well paid indian government employee is adding the domain to the long list of domains banned in India what was the official reason for the domain ban in India