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Like hosting the Olympics, owning a large number of domains is prestigious, however there is no almost no money to be made

Unlike the extremely selfish greedy fraud ntro, raw, cbi, security agency employees in India who think that owning domains automatically make a person very wealthy, non Indian intelligence agencies are more humane and realistic.

With the indian and state government, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies refusing to acknowledge the real domain investor spending her money online and falsely claiming that google, tata supplied prostitutes, robbers, school dropouts and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money online, own the domain names, to pay all the frauds a monthly government salary, the non indian intelligence agencies are taking pity on the real domain investor who is a victim of a massive indian government fraud

So they are giving some work to the domain investor, since they are aware of the fact that the google, tata sponsored sex worker fraud raw/cbi employees especially goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, panaji gujju school dropout sex service provider cbi employee housewife naina who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud don bosco commerce alumni sons, nikhil, karan are mediocre, not capable of offering any services to foreign customers. So they are trying to increase the service part of the domain investors revenue, so that the greedy shameless gujju, goan fraudsters do not try to take over the business, stop harassing the domain investor .

the google, tata sponsored gujju sex service provider cbi employee housewife naina only relies on the powerful fraud gujju ntro employees parmar, parekh, nikhil who are addicted to her sex services to abuse their powers and falsely claim that she is a domain investor owning the websites where her sex service news is posted, online expert and paypal account holder to get her a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor.

The foreign intelligence agencies are trying to tell the ntro employees especially the gujju sex addicts, parmar, parekh, nikhil,that owning a large number of domain names is extremely expensive like hosting the olympic games, other than prestige, there is almost no money to be made in 2019, and are hoping that the greedy lazy shameless selfish liar gujju fraudsters realize the fact, and end their domain, online financial fraud, lies

However the extremely thick skinned arrogant and greedy indian intelligence , ntro, raw, cbi employees refuse to take the message of the non indian intelligence agencies and continue with their domain fraud and lies.

India’s greatest domain FRAUDSTER raw employee asmita patel looks like model for great indian restaurant festival

Great Indian restaurant festival by Dineout is advertising extensively and features many of the top restaurants like
boca loca
pizza hut
copper leaf
baba aur rhum
hika mizu
o coqueiro
hika mizu- asian beach bistro
Great Indian restaurant festival model look alike of india’s greatest domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel

Times of india again featured a look alike of india’s greatest domain fraudster ever, google, tata sponsored lazy greedy shameless thane fraud asmita patel on its first page on February 7, 2019, who has never invested a single penny on domain names in her life, yet gets a monthly raw salary because ntro, india fraud technical intelligence agency falsely claims that the greedy shameless cheater from thane, with no online invextment owns the domains which are legally owned by the google competitor, a single woman engineer

R&AW,ntro, cbi, security agencies are blindly repeating the complete lies of the shameless LIAR FRAUD brahmin mhow cheater ntro employee puneet,director of domlur, bengaluru company who falsely claimed to know the google competitor, engineer, real domain investor , his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hated very well, only to steal everything from her like her resume, savings, memory correspondence and get his real girlfriends like thane fraudster asmita patel,nayanshree hathwar, siddhi, sunaina and others raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the engineer.

The engineer and domain investor, can legally prove that the fraud ntro employee puneet had never communicated with her in the last 25 years, and even in college, the guitar playing vrushali from pune was the girlfriend of the ruthless mhow cheater puneet. In fact vrushali from pune is very similar to thane domain fraudster asmita patel in appearance and build, both have straightened hair, are very sweet talkers, charming.

So before suryavanshi, nia, police falsely accuse the domain investor, engineer of defamation of intelligence agencies, can they explain, why raw, cbi, ntro are defaming her in the first place, falsely claiming that asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own her domains to pay all these frauds a monthly government salary at her expense.

legally valid proof that R&AW, cbi, ntro, indian security agency, google, tata employees are liars and frauds if any raw/cbi employees was actually owning this or other domains,would these disclaimers, fraud alerts be posted on the websites which these fraud government employees falsely claim to own to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is broke