Google unfair business practices adversely affecting domain registrars, registries

The $5 billion fine on google was very likely because google is involved in a long list of endless online financial, frauds which are unmatched elsewhere in the world
– forcing mobile manufacturers to install google search
– banning websites of those who are purchase text link ads, making google adwords the only advertising option available
– hiring contractors for hacking the websites, computers of competitors , deleting files
– launching ddos attacks on all those who purchase text link advertising
– hiring contractors for defaming and filing fake cases without any legally valid proof against harmless google competitors, who are not given an opportunity to defend themselves
– hiring contractors for stealing the savings, identity, correspondence of the google competitor
– falsely associating the lazy greedy inexperienced cheater relatives, girlfriends of top officials with the google competitor, to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved, and controlling top officials

In a front page interview in times of india, the google ceo sundar pichai mentioned that some mistakes are good, allegedly referring to their identity theft racket, financial fraud on a harmless google competitor in India, destroying her life completely. However he fails to realize that a person making a mistake , usually has to compensate the victim for the losses he or she suffers.

India with its high levels of corruption and nepotism may continue to waste indian tax payer money to increase google’s profit, however the nature of the financial fraud is very obvious to a neutral professional observer, why should one person pay all the online expenses, and those cheat the person get all the benefits, salary? Other countries have noted the fraud, and imposed the fine on google, because cheating and exploiting has become a habit

Since 2010, google has destroyed link sellers, penalizing websites selling advertising competing with google adwords, and the domain registrars, registries are also affected, because the broke domain investors cannot purchase more new domains , and find it difficult to pay renewal fees for their existing domains. Link sales are a cheap way to increase traffic for a website, now everyone is forced to use google adwords.

Google has a reputation of hiring the best brains in the world, they also require a course in corporate ethics, or google may end up paying more money in fines. Most companies which have been in business for more than 30 years are fairly honest and value their relationship with their customers, business associates, ex employees unlike google which has perfected the art of using and discarding people.
Time for google to think of Enron