There is Hope for Women Everywhere Who Are Losing Their Hair

It was confusing when I first found myself wondering if I was a female with thinning hair. Then, it became depressing when I realized that I was correct in noticing my hair loss. I really worried that nothing could be done until I read a Keranique review that showed me that it’s not impossible to get your hair growing again. My husband has dealt with losing his hair for years, and he always told me that he felt that he had to try to live with it and accept it because the only thing that could help would be surgery. That is definitely not a route that I wanted to take. I felt it would be expensive and scary. It was great to learn that there is another way!

One day, I was getting ready to go to work and I noticed briefly that my hair seemed thinner than normal. But that’s something that happens to men only, or so I thought. I brushed the thought off, and then I noticed it again a few days later. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. How could I be losing hair in my 40s? It happened again on and off over a period of time, but I couldn’t really be sure.

A few months later, I found that I wasn’t mistaken at all about what I saw in the mirror. I could actually see my scalp appearing in some places when I looked in the mirror. My doctor gave me a battery of tests to see if I had anything medically wrong, but he could find nothing. He told me that I would need to learn to deal with it. That didn’t seem right at all. I went searching, and I learned about Karanique. It’s a product that women can use without needing to “deal with it” or pay for expensive surgery. I think that women everywhere should help one another by letting them know that it’s available.