I Needed to Treat My Body Much Better

Feeling cooped up one day, I decided to get out and go for a walk because it was so nice outside. I slipped on the sidewalk and fell. I landed on my knees, but I threw my back out. After months of pain, the only thing that helped to remedy it was a steady amount of visits to my chiropractor in Santa Barbara who has always been so great with my back problems. He pointed out that I’m getting older, and I really need to step up and become more active before I cause myself more problems. He’s right about that.

I lived near the forest for many years, and I often wanted to be outside because everything in my neighborhood was so pretty. I often took my laptop outside and sat on my deck while I worked during the day. After dinner each night, my husband and I often wandered outside to sit and talk while we watched the sun setting over the trees and mountains. Each morning, I would stumble outside in my pajamas to drink my coffee on the deck and listen to all the birds and other creatures waking up. Where I live now, that natural beauty is missing. I rarely go out now due to being surrounded by endless miles of cracked, old sidewalks and buildings.

I knew that my chiropractor was right about needing to take some responsibility to become more active. He pointed out that I need to do what I can to strengthen my back. I talked to my husband about it, and we have made a promise to one another to go walking each night. We drive to a nearby nature trail where there are a lot of trees and birds. We look forward to our nightly walks now. When we get back home afterward, I do yoga and other things to build more muscle.