Registering a domain is an expense not a privilege

The main aim of NTRO,CBI and other indian government employees is to harass, cheat and exploit harmless small business owners to the maximum extent possible. They are falsely claiming that domain registration and ownership is a privilege which the nTRO employees are giving, when actually it is a very major expense, which very few people can afford to pay.
Renewal of domain names is very expensive in 2017, and if google deindexes the domain name , it is best to sell it at whatever price available.
Even for indexed domain names, getting 4X returns is good enough for selling the domain name
Others purchasing the domain names, are able to make more money from the domain names, as they are not harassed by NTRO, R&AW, CBI unlike the google competitor whose correspondence is stolen wasting crores of indian tax payer money
It is possible to make $5 per domain name in a year, however making $12 or more to cover renewal expenses is very difficult as text links are sold on only 40% of the domains registered in most ad networks.