Indian domain registrars ruthless and shameless in framing their harmless honest customers, domain investors

In a clear indication of the complete lack of ethics in the indian internet and tech sector, in collaboration with indian intelligence and security agencies, indian domain registrars are ruthless in framing their trusting customers. For a google competitor, a large registrar she was dealing with would falsely claim that her domains belonged to “customers” and encouraged frauds to file fake cases against her, to defame, cheat and exploit her for the rest of her life.
Now she is working with another indian domain registrar, and she again got a phone call from Krutika in sales saying that do your customers have requirements for any more domain names, despite telling the domain registrar that the domains are an investment, they refuse to acknowledge the fact and try to frame the indian domin investor,
In contrast, american and other registrars are honest that the domain investor is taking a great risk, in investing money in domain names, it is an extremely difficult to make a profit, and do not create non existent” customers” for domain investors , do not try to frame them with fake cases.
So despite many advantages, indian domain investors are forced to work with non Indian registrars as the indian registrars refuse to acknowledge the investment of their customers, are ruthless in defaming, framing the customers