NTRO terrorized google competitor to drop almost all domains using voice to skull technology

In a clear indication of how ntro employees freelancing for google, tata abused their powers to increase google profits, the most sophisticated mind control technology was used by ntro employees to terrorize the google competitor to drop almost all her domain names causing great losses. Now when the revenues have reduced, they are mocking her that the money was a fluke, when actually they are directly responsible for torturing her to drop the domains when they used voice to skull technology and also intentionally denied all information, despite investing a large amount. \

It is clear than domain value for selling advertising depends to a very large extent on the age of the domain name and for 5 years they managed to force her to drop domain names and not register any new domain names, taunting her that it was a major crime using voice to skull technology when it was just a business decision which determined the profit or loss. This allowed others to take over the initial advantage that she had, making it more difficult to catch up.

Earlier in 2007, the domain investor was making money from adsense, which could be invested in domain names, now there is no additional source of income, her savings have been stolen by security agencies, ntro, for identity theft , so she has to make up the money/domains slowly as ntro is also involved in corporate espionage, defamation falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees who do not spend any money on domain names, own the domain names.

Now it is clear that NTRO, google, tata employees are shameless section 420 frauds lacking honesty, humanity, professional ethics , liars, so they are best ignored,

After forcing the domain investor to drop almost all the domains, the fraud nTRO employees put the domain investor, google competitor under surveillance falsely claimed that their lazy greedy relatives and friends especially goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan , who were not doing any work, not investing any money online, were owning the paypal account, domains of the google competitor to get their relatives and friends a monthly R&AW/CBI salary at the expense of the google competitor.

The powerful fraud NTRO employees are clearly defaming the google competitor making fake claims about domain ownership, paypal account, yet they cannot be held accountable for their fraud and lies