We Are Moving So That We Can Have a Better Life

My husband and I had long been talking together about taking a Beach vacation for many years, we had also been talking about moving closer to the ocean for just as many years, too. So our first trip was to Miami, just a year later we found ourselves looking intensely through a lot of nice Miami Beach apartment rentals for a place to stay! We had always figured that we could visit a variety of places with Coastline, and then choose the place that we like best. But we like the ambiance and culture during our very first trip so much that we were happy to look to put down roots there without needing to look anywhere else.

Our vacation was better than we could have even imagined. We had heard that the area has great food, the buildings are brightly colored and happy looking and so much more. having been to the beach in another state when I was a young kid, it pales in comparison to this trip that we took together. The food was amazing, and we made sure to eat at as many Cuban restaurants as we could. I even bought a cookbook with Cuban recipes in it to bring back home with us so that I could try to recreate some of the meals that we had while there.

We went out dancing at least a few times together and had a blast. There are no places for folks our age to go dancing at in the sleepy area that we had been living in. We twirled around on the dance floor with big smiles on our faces each time we went. The sand and ocean were amazing. We loved the beaches. When we got home again, we found ourselves repeatedly talking about all that we had done and seen, and it didn’t take us long to realize that we found the city that we wanted to move to on a permanent basis.