Most women are least interested in investing in domain names

In india also most women especially housewives are least interested in investing money in domain names . Unfortunately india’s largest female domain investor has been subjected to a brutal identity theft by NTRO (the indian equivalent of NSA) allegedly masterminded by google, tata to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply , just because she is not married, and not well connected.
In 2017 NTRO falsely claims that as many as 10 lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan SEX workers sunaina, siddhi,cheater housewives like indore housewife bespectacled veena, nayanshree, riddhi nayak, naina , blackmailers and other frauds have the resume including btech 1993 ee degree, investment of the domain investor to get them R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs, pay all these fraud women a monthly indian government salary for FALSELY claiming to own the domain names of the google competitor, while the real domain investor is getting nothing
Banking records will easily prove that none of the 10 google, tata sponsored greedy fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees have spent any money on domain names in their life. However top indian security and intelligence, NTRO, CBI employees are greater frauds than the nigerian fraudsters repeat their lies like parrots owned by google, tata for 7 years since 2010 .

The indian government has refused to investigate the great financial fraud on the domain investor since 2010 or treat the domain investor fairly. Owning and making money from domain names is fairly difficult so most women are not interested , when they can make much more just seducing powerful men, having powerful sugar daddies or rich and powerful husbands