Why Flyer Advertising Makes More Sense in Today’s Marketplace

I like the effectiveness of using the old ways of doing things in a new customer environment. The youth of today are used to seeing everything online, but they are also used to almost everything online being associated with the word “free.” Entire business models had to be developed for the app makers because consumers expect apps to be free. Now the thing is in-app purchases. You can do so much for free before you are required to buy something. I am using the Singapore flyer distribution model to short-circuit the consumer mentality that has developed over the last generation to get them to actually want to buy something.

The days of big catalogs in the mail is almost extinct. Granted, some niche markets, such as photography and outdoor outfitters, can produce big catalogs and make money by sending them to people in the mail. However, most mail-order has been replaced by the online method of looking at a website catalog and then ordering. TV advertising is on the rocks with the prevalence of DVRs. And how many of your younger generations of customers actually listen to the radio or read a newspaper? I started doing something different to get more market share for my business.

I use the Singapore flyer distribution model for advertising. You just make a really nice 8.5 by 11-inch flyer printed on both sides and hand them out. The flyers need to offer a special incentive for coming in during this ad campaign. You go out of your way to acquire a new customer, then you wow them with your products or services to keep them coming back. It is so cheap to use flyers for advertising that you can afford to offer a better incentive to the customers who respond to the ads. It is far cheaper than producing a TV commercial or radio spot.