We Moved South for Better Weather

For the first time in my life we turned the furnace on in July to warm up the house. We had a cool spell that was actually eerie for that time of year. Then it got cool again in August. The kids stopped swimming because the pool water was too cold. A funny thing about global warming is the climate shifts that take place in regions that can make it colder or warmer. We decided to move south for the extended warm season, and so we looked for apartments for rent in Asheville NC. A nice big swimming pool was a must. Our apartment up north had a small one, but it was always crowded because it was so small. I started swimming at night, but then other neighbors saw me doing it and joined in. It got crowded again. Well, at least until the cold spell hit.

The District South apartments in Asheville, North Carolina has a huge resort style swimming pool. I do not have to worry about it being crowded even on a day when most people want to take a dip in the pool. The apartment complex is also very nice looking. We have a ground floor space that has a private patio. I like how the buildings face the courtyard where the pool, the fire pit and the clubhouse are. It makes it feel more family like with your neighbors. So far we have been getting along great with everyone we meet. The ages of the folks here seem to be mostly folks around our age. There is a mix of people with and without kids.

I like it that we are enjoying being outdoors while it is cold back where we moved from. I called my mother and she told me how they closed up their pool at their house and were getting ready for winter in October. We were still enjoying some pretty nice weather. Asheville is far enough inland that you don’t have the hurricane worries you might have at the coast either.