Social media not domains used for terror

In an interview on an english news channel on television, the kerala police indicated that social media, not domains were used by ISIS to recruit young men from Kerala. However the incompetent corrupt NTRO employees are ignoring the messages on social media, and only focussing on harmless domain investors who are mainly traders as they can extort more money and benefits from the hardworking harmless indian domain investors compared to the ISIS recruits . The domain investors are only interested in making money, not in creating problems
It appears that NTRO is not monitoring any messages or profiles on social media websites , allegedly bribed by google, tata they are only focussing on harmless domain registrants in India to acquire talent and technology cheaply.
This is a clear indication of the misplaced priorities of indian intelligence and security agencies, and a list of those registering valuable domains in other countries will be provided for reference. The NTRO employees led by j srinivasan are too busy falsely claiming that the goan SEX worker R&AWemployees slim obc bhandari sunaina, siddhi supplied to them for SEX by google, tata are online experts, to identify te real trouble makers online
Looking for legal help to end the non consensual human experimentation carried on harmless female domain investors in India .